Ignore few lines in angular code during SonarQube scan

Please help me to provide solution on my following statement:

  • Enterprise Edition Version 8.1 (build 31237)
  • I have some code written in angular and when i run sonar qube scan on that html file on some lines, it reports as a bug. So i want to ignore that line in code html file.
  • Ignore some lines in html file and not report that lines as a bug.


can you write more details about the bug ?

Hi Thanks for your reply,

i have developed 1 page xyz.html and when this page go for scanning, some lines which are correct but sonar qube scan finds it as bug. I want to ignore this line in sonar scan.

You can deactivate the rule in a custom Quality Profile or remove the issue by marking it as an issue you don’t want to fix (click on the “Open” drop-down to see the option “Won’t Fix”).