Blank lines of code in Angular scan

I am trying to scan angular code but it is displaying a blank output in the lines of code.

Hey there.

As the template post requires, what versions of SonarQube are you using?

I have tried to use newer version of sonarqube and it works. Btw i have a question. I have tried to upgrade sonarqube versions. I have followed the docs as well.

My question is it necessary to execute the following commands in postgresql.


if these commands should be always executed before or after the upgrade?

Also another question are the rules in Sonarqube when migration were also included? Or is a seperate migration?

It’s a recommended maintenance activity post-upgrade.

It’s all in one. :slight_smile:

If you have more questions about upgrading, I suggest raising a new thread.

I have last three questions regarding upgrade of sonarqube.

  1. Is it really required to delete the directory <Sonarqube_Home>/data/es7/* before proceeding with upgrade?

  2. What are the items to consider when backing up a data in Sonarqube? Also, how to restore? Is there any documentation.

  3. For Community edition, I’ve notice it should be consequential. For example upgrading from version 8.9.6 > 9.92 community edition should be

8.9.6 > 9.0 > 9.9.2

is that right?

I’m going to insist here.