I need rpm package for 7.9.1 LTS to migrate to new rhel 8.x


I have an old SonarQube 7.9.1 LTS on rhel 7.4, using Jdk 11 and postgresql 10.
On my intermidiate upgrade to 9.9.2 LTS trough 8.9.10 LTS
what im going to do:

  1. To migrate SQ 7.9.1 LTS (Developer Edition) from rhel 7.4 to a new server: rhel 8.8
    (jdk 11 is ok for 8.9 than need to change to 17 for 9.9 LTS, postgresql will be upgrade to 13 to go all the way).
    for this action i need an rpm package, to automet it via command line for inventory of a server.
    plus as you know, using rpm package, gives more control of the package content and easy install,
    also security, as a demand of my organization.
    so can you help me with an rpm packge of 7.9LTS
    if you dont have an rpm package, do you have a documentation liek in more in detailes about my upgrade needs.

i didn’t find in the historical version but 7.9.6 in Download Previous SonarQube Versions
about rpm packages i found rpm packages till 7.1 in sourceforge site
Sonar Native Packages - Browse /rpm/noarch at SourceForge.net
and saw your answer about native packages:
Is a native packages repository still maintained?

@ G Ann Campbell

Hey there.

There’s no official RPM package maintained in at least the last five years.

You should follow the upgrade guide for SonarQube 8.9 LTS! Which effectively means reinstalling SonarQube from the Zip file that you download.

Similar documentation exists for SonarQube 9.9 LTS.

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Thanks Colin, i’ll use the official downloads.

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