How we can set our global ALM integration settings

I’m not able to find any administration option .
Could somebody help me to add a project on sonarqube.I have read the document but still not able to set global ALM.

Hey there.

First, you’ll need to make sure you’ve logged in as an Administrator. Is this a brand-new SonarQube instance? Have you been an administrator in the past?

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No, I am a newly joined in company . whenever i open sonarqube on web ,there is only one option login with local system id and password.
But i need to integrate a bitbucket project with sonarqube.
Could you please guide me.

I get only for option profile security notification project but in project it is showing you are not administering any project.
How i can find bitbucket in add project option in sonarqube.

You’ll need to reach out to the administrators of your SonarQube instance (the team that runs it) for assistance.

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Okay, Thanks for help