How to use white labeling in sonar qube

HI we have installed sonar and using it but we want to use white labelling in sonar could it be possible with enterprise edition . Please provide us with the solution asap.

Hello @Sravan_Reddy_Sunkam,

Welcome to the SonarSource community forum.
As per its name it’s a free community forum and there’s a minimum etiquette to follow to work together in good collaboration.
Let me give you 2 advices:

  • Although we strive to do our best to answer request as timely as possible, remember that this is a free service. It’s advisable to avoid terms like “asap” or anything else too peremptory. That can only deter forum participants to give you an answer
  • In order to get good answers you need to elaborate as much as possible on your problem. Provide some details on your set up (SonarQube version and edition at least), and explain the use case: What is the use case? why do you want this use case? etc…, in your particular case What do you mean by white labelling?.
    The one liner you posted is definitely insufficient to get a decent answer back.

I hope that the above makes sense.

Please come back with a more elaborated explanation of your use case/problem and I’ll be glad to look at it.