How to use sonarcloud template


In sonarcloud, I’d like to set a new rule from template as mentionned here: Adding Coding Rules | SonarQube Docs

It is said:

Adding your Rule to the Server

Once your new rule is written, you can add it SonarQube:

    Login as an Quality Profile Administrator
    Go to the Rules page
    Select the Language for which you want to create the XPath rule
    Tick the Template criterion and select "Show Templates Only"
    Look for the XPath rule template
    Click on it to select it, then use the interface controls to create a new instance
    Fill in the form that pops up
    Once you've created your rule, you'll need to add it to a Quality Profile and run analysis to see it in action.

I am a Quality Profile Administrator, however, when I go to the Rules page, I see nowhere the “Show Templates Only” tick.

Where is it. How can I properly add custom rules ?

Thanks !

Hi @ogr ,
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SonarCloud is a cloud service, so it is not possible to inject custom rules for your own use.

The documentation you are referring to is from SonarQube where this kind of extension is supported.

Please, let me know if you have any other questions.

Best Regards.

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