How to update Github code check status with SonarCloud?

My project is hosted on GitHub, and I’m using Jenking CI with SonarCloud (SonarQube at the moment to be precise).
Jenkins job updates GiHub check status, but this check doesn’t include SonarCloud code quality report.
How I can submit SonarCloud status to GitHub?



You can have a look at this documentation page : GitHub - Get Started
It should help you set up your pull request decoration.

Thank you.
I already read this doc.
My questions are:

  • According to, “This GitHub application is currently in alpha version”. So I looked for more stable way to integrate GitHub with SonarCloud
  • Does “pull request decoration” allow to block merge based on SonarCloud analyse?
  • Still I think it’s the way to go, that’s what we are currently focusing on and promoting. Thanks to the app, now you can also automatically import your GitHub organizations and repositories into SonarCloud.
  • If you can block the merge based on the status of the PR I think it should be on GitHub side, have a look at this:
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