How to retrive an archive of all the past scans on sonarcube 6.7.1

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  • Version 6.7.1 (build 35068)
  • We have moved to, however, we would like to preserve the past scans for all $projects and view them as an archive. Is it possible to dump the reports into an wiki archive?
  • Gone through the topic: Generate pdf of analysis report

Where can I find the “Issues Report Plugin”? Is this supported for v6.7.1?


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This is simply not available. You can extract metric values from previous analyses but that’s subject to housekeeping.


We have moved to cloud-based and don’t want to lose the past scan/reports. Can we take a backup of the DB and archive it somewhere, so that anyone requires to look into the older scan can bring up an instance and load the DB backup? If yes, can you point us to the KB or steps to achieve this? TIA


Yes, that’s an entirely viable way to go. Just do a normal, restorable DB backup and you should be good. Note that you’ll want to make note of the SonarQube version it goes to.