Exporting summary of scan results

We use SonarQube Developer Edition version 7.9.2

Is there a simple way to export a summary of one or more projects scan results?

We have corporate requirements to provide evidence of static analysis scans for product releases. These need to be uploaded to a central location and retained for a number of years, far longer than we want to keep inactive projects lying around in the SonarQube server itself. We do not need all the details of a scan, just the summary.


There’s no built-in functionality for this. You can use web services to pull metric values to build a report, however.


Is there a single summary page showing an aggregate of all lines of code, bugs etc. in SonarCloud?

Hi @Paul_Hansford,

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The answer for SonarCloud is the same as it was in SonarQube 2 years ago. However, in SonarQube we’ve since added a project-level overview PDF in Enterprise Edition($$) and are planning an in-depth report for 9.4