Export PDF report for developers


(Lucas Moreira dos Santos) #1

Hi Ann. Thank you for your help. I could successfuly scan my project (it took us 2 days scanning one singular project)
Do you know how to export the report as pdf or something like that?

Error while trying to run sonar scanner
(G Ann Campbell) #2


There’s no PDF available for projects.


(Lucas Moreira dos Santos) #4

Hi Ann. I’m thinking about buying developer or enterprise sonar edition for Whirlpool. Do you know if using those version we will be able to export a report? By this we can send reports to developers to fix their codes.



(G Ann Campbell) #5


There’s no PDF available for projects. In any edition.

Now if you want Developers to receive emails about their issues, then you need to sweet-talk them into signing up for notifications.


(Nicolas Bontoux) #6

Hi Lucas,

Allow me to complement Ann’s answer with a broader view of SonarQube capabilities.

PDF reporting is only available at Portfolio level (see documentation). This is typically targeted for higher-level reporting, i.e. project stakeholders who would like to get a heads-up on key health indicators, and understand the codebase quality status at a glance.

SonarQube definitely intends to help developer clean their code, and it offers much more powerful features than PDF reports (which are quite static and missing context) to do that. Things like:

Those will all work together and allow your devs to be informed about any new issue in the code, with all information required to understand it in-situ, and get maximum knowledge to fix it appropriately.