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We are using SonarCloud to evaluate our code. We wanted to check if it is possible to obtain a PDF report of all the findings per-project. This report should include all the issues as available on the SonarCloud portal. The current report we are able to fetch only contains a high level summary of the identified issues.

Please help. Looking forward to any pointers.



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This is not possible to export issues in a PDF report - simply because we think it does not make sense at all. Issues are meant to target developers, and developers want this information to be actionnable. Instead, developers should install SonarLint in their IDE and connect it to SonarCloud.

Hi @Fabrice_Bellingard,

for auditing purposes we’d like to create an export of the static code analysis for every release we make. Is there any way how to export the results of a scan? Any format (txt, pdf, html, etc.) would be fine.


Hi Patrick, the WS API gives access to everything you want - so you can export all the data you want and generate out of it whatever report which makes sense for you.