How to reproduce some bugs in React project?

CI system used: GitLabCI
Languages of the repository: javascript

Hi everyone. I have some problems with reproducing some bugs in projects code (React app). I thought if i would comment some part of the code in javascript class i could see some problems on the main page. So, firstly, what sonarcloud do while deploy is running? what problems i can detect (bcs i want to check work of sonar analyze)? Please reply me if information isn’t sufficient

Hi @11138 and welcome to the community !

Not sure to have fully understood what you want to achieve here : are you trying to get some codesmells or bugs from your code in the SonarCloud dashboard ?

If yes, you can play with our rules website to get some examples :

Is that what you need ?


thanks a lot for your answer

I want to reproduce some problem in project to see that analyze works. Bug, codesmell, everyone)

Ok so i think you can put some obvious bug that are listed in the link i gave you above, this should trigger some issues on SonarCloud.

yeah, thanks a lot.

so I write some bug in my html code from this site. But i haven’t some notification on the main page about it


Why does sonarcloud skip bugs in html that is returned by jsx

Hey @11138

No need to open multiple threads i think, i’ll close the other one.

I’ll ping someone more relevant than me for that specific matter.