Unable to detect JavaScript code in the coverage reports SonarCloud

Dear Sonar team,

I am helping my team migrate from SonarQube to SonarCloud.
We noticed that a team in particular is not able to get their JavaScript code detected in SoanrCloud.
Here is an example of both reports:
Code being scanned: https://github.com/onap/clamp
SonarQube: https://sonar.onap.org/dashboard?id=org.onap.clamp%3Aclds
SonarCloud: https://sonarcloud.io/dashboard?id=onap_clamp

I can see the JavaScript Quality Profile enabled but I understand that managing those is no longer possible as a client in SonarCloud.

Could you please let me know if something has changed? Am I missing any additional configuration steps in either source code or SonarCloud client?

Thanks so much!

hello @jwagantall,

I am not aware of any change in this setting. Can you please post the debug logs from the analysis to see what’s happening?

When I check the analysis on SonarCloud it looks like target/ui-react/src directory is not indexed by SQ at all. That could explain the difference in coverage, you should understand why this directory is not included anymore.