Sonarcloud displays 0 code coverage for JS

We are try to integrate sonarcloud with circleci, for each commit our circleci will trigger a build with test cases and project is based on Nodejs. Once the execution is completed, still the dashboard shows code coverage % as 0. Below is my file in the end of circleci build we are calling sonar scanner command and the execution says successfull.
Please help me how to get coverage value in dashboard.


Hello Harsha,

I think there can be multiple reason why the coverage is not appearing in your dashboard:

  • Are the coverage files correctly computed by your ci ? and at the path you specified ?
  • Are all the paths really set up correctly ?

To know more could you share (in private message) your scanner context ? And sonar-scanner execution log ?

@Gregoire_Aubert Sorry for the late reply was OOO. Now this issue is fixed actually, the language was typescript after changing language sonar.javascript.lcov.reportPaths to typescript the issue is fixed.

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