No SonarCloud Code Analysis for Java Github Project

We use CircleCi + Github to run our Java Project SonarCloud Analysis.
I’m successfully able to see both the master branch and pr analysis reported on the Sonar UI.
PR Decorations never make it to our Github PRs.
I see the following warning at the top right of the Sonar UI for the PR analysis view
Pull request decoration did not happen. Please install SonarCloud Github application on the repository's organization or user.

However we have more than one time confirmed the application is installed for all the repos in our organization.

We have Typescript projects setup in the same way, that are working end to end.

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In the Sonar UI, can you see the link to the GitHub PR on the top right corner of the page?

In addition to what Fabrice asked, can you please also tell us the following:

  • The project key of your project on SonarCloud
  • The pull request number on GitHub