How to migrate Sonarqube instance from Centos to RHEL

Hi Team,

We have installed Sonarqube on centos OS. As CentOS Linux 7 will reach End of Life (EOL) on June 30, 2024, we would like to migrate the instance to RHEL. Could you please help me to provide the steps to follow the migration of sonarqube application from centos to RHEL. Also we have installed PostgreSQL in the same server for sonarqube.

Please provide the best practices to follow during the migration

Hey there.

You’ll need to migrate your database to the new server (you’re on your own there, but usually a pg_dump and pg_restore does the job), and then reinstall SonarQube (and any configuration/plugins) pointing to the new Postgres server (if the JDBC URL used to connect changes).

It’s probably best to test this out first – you can even do the migration, and then simply switch the DNS record pointing to your new server if you need.