Sonarqube Setup Migration

I have set up SonarQube on a CentOS server using a PostgreSQL database. Since CentOS support is ending, I want to migrate this setup to RockyLinux.

Can I migrate the data of all repositories integrated into the new setup? If so, could you please share the procedure for doing this?

Thank you.

Hey there.

If the PostgreSQL database is hosted externally to your SonarQube server – great; you can just install SonarQube on the new server and point to the existing database.

If hosted alongside your SonarQube server (on the same server), you’ll first need to migrate your Postgres database to your new server, and then hook up your new SonarQube instance.

In any case, as long as the database is preserved, you’ll migrate all the data :+1:

Hi Colin, Thankyou for your reply…

As I have migrated all the Tables created in postgreSQL database into a new server and after mapping the new databse to the new setup I found some migration gap. Can you please check and tell me if something else I have missed to migrate.

I cant see like any project is integrated on home page.

As I have integrated my gitlab account, it shows as below when I navigate into gitlab integration. Bu I can see that my project is integrated.

Even here I was able to see the count of issues, but cant see any thing in issues tab.

Try trashing the /data/es8 folder of your SonarQube install and restarting.