How to migrate history data from 6.7.2 to 8.1

how to migrate history data from 6.7.2 to 8.1?

We are currently running sonarqube community edition 6.7.2 on a standalone Linux machine. We have just deployed a sonarqube container in AWS EKS.

I am trying to migrate the history data to the new server, but could not find any instructions from the upgrade doc:

Have anyone done this before? I shall appreciate it very much if anyone share your experience in this.

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Hello and welcome to the Sonarsource community,

Since there is one LTS (7.9) version between your 6.7 and targeted 8.1 version, you will need to migrate in two stages :

  • from 6.7 to 7.9 LTS
  • from 7.9 LST to 8.1

Make sure your future environment fits pre-requisite of SonarQube 7.9 version and Upgrade notes are a good read before starting anything

The Upgrade docs describes 7 steps
and there is nothing specific with regard to AWS as it boils down to migrating from one server to another. (no difference between on prem vs cloud as far as Sonarqube migration is concerned)




Thanks for the reply. However, I am looking for some help on how to migrating history data from old server to the new server.

The upgrade doc does not mention how to do data migration. So any tips on that shall be much appreciated.

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There’s no guide into how to just “migrate history data” into a Sonar 8.1 database in which you already have other scan results generated with 8.1. However what you can do is upgrade an older-sonar-version database with the instructions provided by Eric.

As he already mentioned, in order to upgrade a sonar 6.7.2 database you need to install sonar 7.9, connect it to your existing database and follow the “Upgrade guide” he shared. Then do it again for sonar 8.1.

We actually migrate from on-premises installation to sonarqube in AWS eks. We can not use the old db.

So rds db in aws is all new and nothing is there yet.

So there is no tools etc to migrate the data?



Hi Dian,

Did you migrate the historical data to eks?

Can you please provide steps (with pre reqs) you have used for linux to eks migration.

Is it this one you have used?

Hi Swapna,

I used this doc.

Depending on your version, you might need to upgrade to 7.9.2 first before 8.2.
For each migration, you copy the current db to the new db server in eks, then point your new Sonarqube server to this new db server, start it up, then launch http://xxx/setup, which will prompt you for db migration. Once that is done, sonarqube will be restarted for you to use.
From there, stop the instance, launch the instance with 8.2 sonarqube, use http://xxx/setup to migrate the db again.
That is it.

Good luck!


how about historical data migration?

Sorry for missing this message.
With the db migrated, the historical data is migrated with it.