How to make analysis report go to user that kicked off build in jenkins?


(Michael Clark) #1

I’ve setup local community edition of sonarcube and everything is working with Jenkins. However, if a user commits to sourcecontrol or if a user manually kicks off a build I want just that user logged into jenkins to get the email notifications. Is that possible? At my last company that’s how I thought we had it configured but I’m not sure how to do that assuming it’s even possible.

(G Ann Campbell) #2


I think you’re mixing two different types (sources) of notifications. Notifications sent by SonarQube are in general going to be issue-related, and sent to the users who are assigned the issues - assuming they’ve signed up to get such notifications.

Notifications that relate to a Jenkins run are going to come from Jenkins and be about that run, not necessarily about the analysis itself*.


* If you have the Jenkins build set to fail on a failing quality gate, then you coud end up with a Jenkins-generated notification that relates to an analysis.