How to get issue fixed user in SonarQube


(tenusha) #1

When someone introduce an issue, then the author of that issue is the one who introduce the issue.
If someone else fixed that issue, are there any way to get that user who fixed that issue?

(G Ann Campbell) #2


That’s a really great question.

In fact, we don’t offer anything around this and it would be difficult to try to leverage SonarQube’s data to figure this out because

  • you’re probably* looking for the last committer on the issue line
  • when an issue is closed/fixed, we remove the line number from it so that it doesn’t show up in a weird place in the interface if you choose to display closed issues (because the old line number may not be relevant any longer).


*Some issues are fixed by modifying a line other than the one they were raised on. For instance, if I have a “Cognitive Complexity of methods should not be too high” issue, it’s raised on the method signature, but I’ll fix it by altering the method body…

(tenusha) #3

Thank You…!!