How to find Which User is updating the project and doing analysis report of project on sonarqube

Hey Everyone,
I am using Sonarqube 8.3 and with the help of that i want to build a project on discovery dollars so i need users information that which user is changing or correcting the bugs of project that was analysed on Sonarqube Server.
like suppose in one project many people are working and when one of them resolve their bugs and code smells that was given in previous analysis report on sonarqube UI so with the help of any APIs of Sonarqube will we able to find the user information such as their name and id something which can be helpful in my project that infomation will distingush that user.

thanks in advance


This is not going to be easy because we don’t provide the web services to search issues by updated or resolved date. You’re going to have to keep an external record of issues and figure out which ones are missing from one analysis to the next. Then you can look at the line the issue was on - note that when an issue is marked Resolved, the line number is deleted from the issue record - and then look up the latest ‘blame’ data on that line. Generally that will be the ‘fixer’ although there are exceptions.