Hhow to generate a report

I would like to make a report of the projects that SonarQube has

Is it possible to generate project?

The reports that I would like to make are the following

1.-A list of the projects that already has an analysis and blockers

Hey @jemartineza,

Did you have a look to the embedded Web API? (there’s a link in your SQ footer).
There’s everything you need to get projects and issues and build a report with that.



To piggyback on Antoine’s post, I think you’d find the project search and issue search APIs particularly interesting.

As a quick example, this call will return projects that have been analyzed before a certain date:
GET http://<SERVER>:<PORT>/api/projects/search?analyzedBefore=2019-12-12

And this call will return unresolved blocker issues:
GET http://<SERVER>:<PORT>/api/issues/search?severities=BLOCKER&resolved=false


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