Creating a Web Application that uses Sonarqube APIs for Geting Project reports and information about project to be notified

Hey Everyone ,
I am new to Sonarqube and I know what is sonarqube and I also read some of the APIs of sonarqube and I want to use some APIs in my project to get Some information about the project analysis report that was genrated by Sonarqube Server of any Other Project .
Please Help me how to use sonarqube APIs in my project. Some of the APIs I want to use are Project Analysis,Project Links,Measures ,rules,Webhooks.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @vishal.patidar ,

Please take a look at our docs here: Web API.

Once you review that you, you will see all the web API you have access on your SonarQube server. Here’s an example that you can use with curl:

curl -u admin:admin --request GET '<SONARQUBE-HOSTNAME>/api/projects/search'