Generate reports

Hello all,

I’m new to SonarQube, recently my company has started to integrate SonarQube developer edition into our system.

I’d be glad if I can get any help or a possible approach to the following need:
I’d like to generate report for all issues (with specific criteria) for a specific project including my own company internal dependencies (based on dependency version not latest).

We use maven for build management and bitbucket for source code management.

I looked into sonar.projectVersion but i’ve not found a way to filter issues via this property, specifically using this API api/issues/search.



Welcome to the community!

You’ve identified the right web service, but those other pieces you’re looking for just aren’t there. You can use api/project_analyses services to get the date that corresponds to a version and search issues by that date, but it will only show you issues that were opened then. Issues from that version that have since been closed won’t show up.