How to generate CWE mapping report using SonarQube community Edition

I need generate The report that contain the CWE mappings, I am using sonarqube-8.9.10 community edition, is there any way I can generate and download the report?

Welcome :slight_smile:

you may either use the Sonarqube Rest api and create the reports yourself,
see https://<yoursonarhost>/web_api?internal=true or you can try one of these plugins

it’s free, but don’t remember if the report also contains the cwe metrics

($) commercial with a 14 day trial

And last but not least, you should update your instance to either Sonarqube LTS or (optional) latest.

Your upgrade path is 8.9.10 > 9.9.2 LTS > (optional) 10.2.1
Note that the sonar-cnes-report plugin supports only the 9.9.2 LTS version.


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