How to enable the "Transition" for spectific project

when i used the bulk change issue button to close code smell issues, there is not display the “Transition” part, I have tried to adjust the user’s project sonar account permission as “Administer Security Hotspots” , “Administer”, “Execute Analysis”, but still can’t view this “Transition”, i want to change the issue status as below:

  • Confirm
  • Resolve as false positive
  • Resolve as fixed
  • Resolve as won’t fix

Our SonarQube version:

Does the user have Administer Issues permission? If so, can you share a screenshot of one of the issues they can’t transition?

Hi Colin,

I am also having a similar issue.
The user has administration issue permission but then also can’t mark any issue reported by FortifySCA as the transition.
Please any help is much appreciated. attached screenshot for your reference. Even tags are missing.


Hello Colin,
thanks a lot for response, yes, i added the Administer Issues permission for that project, but no matter what kinds of code smell issue, it not shown this “Transition” so i can’t mark it as resolved. i added the different projects with same permission as below screen shot in attachment you can refer, Thanks

This problem project:

The normal project:

Hey there.

External issues (such as those raised by FORTIFYSCA cannot have their status changed in SonarQube. Take a look at this thread:

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Thank you very much Colin, i understand it, have a nice day!