How to distinguish same repo name in sonarcloud


I have a question about sonarcloud import from gitlab. how to distinguish same repo name in sonarcloud?

Hey @Mahesa_Widhana,

Welcome to the community! I am not sure if I understand the question 100%. You cannot have two projects with the same key in the SonarCloud, so it should be easily distinguishable. Let me know if you have any other questions!


Hi @Marcin_Majewski i think this issue is solved.

thankyou for the response.

the meaning of my question :

if i have 2 repo in gitlab with same name (backend and frontend) maybe the repo name is linkaja.
then i import from gitlab. how can i know that it’s a backend or frontend repo?

i attach example repo


Hello Mahesa,

The names might be different but I expect their keys would be different (keys are uniq), so my guess would be that in the key you’d have a clue telling you if it’s frontend or backend ?

If you already have an analysis in the project you could also check the code and see if it’s backend or frontend code.

And last idea would be to change the project name with the property sonar.projectName in your file when you do the analysis.


Hi @Gregoire_Aubert

thankyouu for the response.

yes, i think, we change the sonar.projectKey to tell the difference

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