Azure DevOps Project Names removed on import

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  • ALM used = Azure DevOps
  • CI system used =Azure Devos
    We have many Azure DevOps project located within the same ADO organization. These ADO projects contained forked repos that have the same name. When we import said repos into SonarCloud the mapping between project and repo is lost and not able to be referenced. Thus “reportioing_suite” for many projects becomes “reporting_suite1”, “reporting_suite2” etc. As far as assigning out out bugs and fixes this is impossible as we do not know which code base to fix. Is there any workaround?

Hey there.

Just to understand the use-case: why are your repos configured like this? It sounds like they live seperate lifecycles. Do they ever converge?

And, you should be able to navigate to the right repo clicking on the project binding. Does it not work like that for you?

Hi Colin,

Thanks for the reply. We are using bound repos but the “path” is still lost. Our code is likely never to coverage as each is customer specific after the “fork”. For example the below code is at all customers but the Lemongrass-DevOps//asset-register is parsed by SonarCloud. Hopefully the below shows enough detail.

Ah to follow on yo your secondary question - yes if I click then I am navigated to the project in ADO. Is there no other way to see this data in SonarCloud?

You will have to supply a new sonar.projectName (this can be done also in the Azure DevOps Task that enables SonarCloud analysis) in order to have a different identifier for each project.