Wrong project name in SonarCloud

I have 2 ope source projects created in SonarCloud
Once I open ObjectToTest project SonarCloud thinks it’s MediaPrint


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I suspect this is just a matter of confusion during initial testing about what data points are important and what they do. It looks like you’ve passed sonar.projectName=MediaPrint in for two different projects.

Note that sonar.projectKey (unique identifier) and sonar.projectName (display name) are distinct values. If you don’t provide projectName, it will default to projectKey, but typically the name is a prettier version.

Just make sure you correct the property value in the next analysis, and this should straighten itself out.


Yes, you are right, in my CI script it was incorrect projectName for ObjectToTest project, I fixed it, but now in Sonar Cloud I still has the issue with naming, how can I fix it? Should I remove and create sonar project again?



Have you re-run analysis? Values provided as analysis params are only read / applied during analysis.


I did the run and it helped, thank you a lot

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