How to delete the PR analysis from SonarQube dashboard after a certain number of days?

Hi there,
SonarQube 8.9.6 and sonarqube-scanner 4.7.0 are the versions that I’m using.
I am trying to trigger Gerrit pull request analysis on SonarQube by following the instructions on the page

We are working on a use case that requires integrating Gerrit with sonarqube via Jenkins. For the same purpose we created a jenkins job that gets triggered as in when a PR is raised on Gerrit.
We are not using pull request decoration, instead we do it via jenkins by modifying the
The sonar Scanner runs the analysis on the patchset and submits report to sonarQube server as Pull-request analysis under a specified branch (Main Branch) as shown :


As more and more PR are piling up We are trying to figure out a way to delete the PR analysis from SonarQube dashboard after a certain number of days.
As per the SonarQube docs, the PR analysis is by default set to get deleted after a period of 30 days, but we wanted to change that to a lesser no , let’s say 3 days.

I have tried adding :
to our expecting the PR analysis to get deleted after a day but looks like that did’nt work,
I can still locate the PR on sonar dashboard even after more than 8 days.

Can you please suggest us an alternative solution to the same ?

Hey there.

You can adjust sonar.dbcleaner.daysBeforeDeletingInactiveBranchesAndPRs in the global Administration > Housekeeping. This is the only place you can configure this.

Keep in mind that housekeeping will only occur on a new analysis of a given project.