How to connect SonarLint when working on SonarJava?

Hi all,

to ease working on SonarJava pull requests, I wanted to set up SonarLint for that project. The instructions given by the developer toolset docs on how to do this are rather short:

The “connected mode” feature should also be enabled and configured with or, depending on projects.

I know how to set up SonarLint with SonarCloud for my own projects. But how do I set this up for SonarJava, a project which I don’t own?

  • When I select “SonarCloud”, I have to choose one of my organizations, but SonarJava/SonarSource is of course not among them. Also, it seems SonarJava is analyzed by anway.
  • So I choose “SonarQube” instead and enter In the next step, SonarLint wants to have a token, which I can’t supply because I don’t have an account there! Also, clicking the “Create Token” button leads to which responds with a Tomcat 404 page. :frowning:

So I’m stuck with using SonarLint’s offline mode, selecting rules on my own or using the default rule set, which is hopefully roughly similar to the Language plugins quality profile used by SonarJava. If SonarLint implemented this feature request there would be a workaround, but I obviously prefer a real solution.

Dear SonarSourcer, are you sure it’s possible for community members to use SonarLint connected mode? If so, how? Also, please make sure the documentation is improved on this.

Dear community member, were you able to set this up?

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Hi @bannmann

Thanks for the feedback. I think it is related to SonarLint authentication should match bound server policy and I will reply there.