Sonarlint plugin extension possibilties

Is it possible to extend the sonarlint plugin with some custom rules for java plugin that is currently working in sonarqube server.
If not , Is there any way to set the configuration details for connected mode in a common file in the working directory of the project . So that it reduces the manual effort for all developers .

Thanks in advance.

If you develop a custom plugin using the SonarJava API, these rules can be executed in Sonarlint.

This would typically mean sharing a single credential across all developers, which is probably a security risk your security team wouldn’t love. :smiley:

Or are you thinking about some other kind of configuration?

Here my problem is, we need to set the properties for project and make a connection. Like inclusions something like that while using that rules in sonarlint.

Or Is there any way to automate these configurations for all developers. Is it possible by sharing single user level credential as common or else some other way similar to that or better than that .

What they were expecting is something like default sonarlint rules . Is it possible to extend it with my custom rules. So, there is no need for connection to the server.

Thanks @Colin

Hello @Anusha_jesuraj,
although as Colin said, it would be problematic to share the authentication credential, we’re considering those options that could help configure the connected mode:

  • share the connection details, excluding the authentication token (i.e. the server URL, the project key) in a file that can be shared via SCM. To be more precise, we’re currently experimenting this in SonarLint for Visual Studio and we may consider extending it later to other IDEs. As the authentication token won’t be shared, there will still be a first-time setup necessary for each workstation, but any following project binding on the same workstation will not require any manual steps.
  • we’re also evaluating the possibility of adding an option in SonarQube to directly setup the connected mode, you can refer to this roadmap card.

Let us know whether either option would be helpful for you :wink:

These features will be very helpful . Thank you so much @Marco_Comi @Colin .

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