Hi Team, How can we connect sonarlint to sonarQube by SSO?

As of now I am able to connect by token or username/password.
Need support to how can we connect by SSO.

If we configure Sonarqube with SSO login, then it work for Sonar lint also…??

Note : Using SonarQube Enterprise version & IDE : Visual Studio


Welcome to the community!

Just to make sure, the question is about using SSO in SonarLint to authenticate your ‘connected mode’ connection to SonarQube?

And would you mind specifying your versions, both of SonarQube and of SonarLint?


Yes , you got it right.

SonarQube : Enterprise Edition Version 8.9.9
Sonar Lint : Version :

Hello @Tark,
SonarLint itself does not require any user account to work. When you use the connected mode with SonarQube, you have to enter a token in order to authenticate SonarLint to your SonarQube instance. The token is simply an access key to your SonarQube account (also in case you authenticate to SonarQube using SSO, LDAP or other methods).
Over the next few months, we’re also planning to make the authentication process for connected mode simpler; this means that when you set up the connected mode, you’ll be brought to the SonarQube SSO login page in your browser, and once authenticated, SonarLint will automatically receive an authentication token from SonarQube without any further action required from you. You can follow this feature idea and receive updates by subscribing to this card in our roadmap page.

I hope this helps!