How to config the sonarlint rules for intellij idea?


(xiao) #1

Is there any way to config sonarlint rules for intellij idea, I am working for a project, but the PM need our to control quailty of the code, so I want to know is it supported by sonarlint plugins? Anyone Who can help me, thanks a lot!

(Janos Gyerik) #2


When you collaborate with other developers in a project, we recommend to setup a SonarQube server to centralize the management of the quality of your software. You will be able to tune the quality profile appropriately for your project, so that when developers connect to it from SonarLint, they share the same rules, all the same configuration.

When having a SonarQube server is not practical, we are planning a feature to make it possible to tune the “local” rules in SonarLint itself. You can track its progress here:

Let me know if this doesn’t answer your question.


(xiao) #3

Okay,I know,thanks for your answer sincerely!