How to config the sonarlint rules for intellij idea?

Is there any way to config sonarlint rules for intellij idea, I am working for a project, but the PM need our to control quailty of the code, so I want to know is it supported by sonarlint plugins? Anyone Who can help me, thanks a lot!


When you collaborate with other developers in a project, we recommend to setup a SonarQube server to centralize the management of the quality of your software. You will be able to tune the quality profile appropriately for your project, so that when developers connect to it from SonarLint, they share the same rules, all the same configuration.

When having a SonarQube server is not practical, we are planning a feature to make it possible to tune the “local” rules in SonarLint itself. You can track its progress here:

Let me know if this doesn’t answer your question.


Okay,I know,thanks for your answer sincerely!


Unfortunately, the ticket you’re linking is not visible, even for logged in users. Can you update us here on the status? Is it possible to keep SonarLint configuration as a code, committed to project’s repo?

Hello @mszajowskiwr and welcome to the SonarSource community forum!
The link above is quite old and since then we have discontinued public access to our MMF Jira project. The best way to know about what is coming next for SonarLint is to use our public roadmap page; there you can browse, subscribe and vote for feature ideas and even propose new ones.

Now, back to your question :wink: The ticket you tried to access is implemented in SonarLint for IntelliJ and you can activate/deactivate SonarLint rules via the IDE settings menu → Tools → SonarLint → Rules.
Such configuration is not stored within your source code directories, and it is not meant to be committed to VCS. If you want to share the same settings across different contributors or team members, the approach we suggest is to configure your rules in SonarQube or SonarCloud and bind your projects to automatically propagate the configuration to SonarLint.

In case the solution we currently propose doesn’t fit your needs, I’d be grateful you could detail a little more your use case so that we can take it into account for our roadmap decisions.