How to apply permission template to all projects the portfolio?

Some facts first:

  • the project is assigned to portfolio on creation and never again until done manually
  • the project will then use the permissions inherited from the Portfolio

usecase (quite standard I’d say):

  • I need to add a new group of users to the permission template
  • and I need to apply it to all existing projects within the portfolio

If I go to the portfolio then the permission is applied on the Portfolio level, but not on all the projects that are inside it.
If I switch to Manage>Projects view, I then do not have the UI to filter out all projects that are within a specific portfolio…

Hi Radek,

There is no specific correlation between existence within a Portfolio and applying a Permission Template. Portfolios were designed explicitly for reporting, not project/permissions management purposes.

My suggestion: Open the Portfolio and Project Management pages side-by-side. On the Project Management page, check the box for projects that exist within the Portfolio and then use the Bulk Apply Permission Template button to activate the desired permission. You could also potentially script this action using our web APIs.

Hi Jeff,

There is no way for me to filter out in the “project view” the projects that are assigned to a specific portfolio, that’s the missing UI feature I am talking about.
Opening two windows and checking the project one by one for 50 projects is not a workaround for just a UI filter option that should be there in the project view IMHO.

Hi Radek,

I am guessing you use manual selection for the portfolio?

I think our hope here is that customers with such needs might have their organization preference already encoded in the project keys, which is why we offer selection mechanisms for such at the Portfolio level as well as the ability to make a permissions template the default for all projects whose key matches a pattern.

Otherwise it’s interesting feedback that I’m happy to share internally.

Actually not, we are using key-based regular expression portfolios - and I know what you’re gonna say, so we don’t have a problem, right? Well, err, no. The regular expressions only work during project creation which is the same weird approach and results in exactly these problems.

So, when a project portfolio is added to the portfolio, it gets the correct permissions, but if I need to later on to modify the permission set to add e.g. a group - no way I can do that easily for all projects in a portfolio via the UI.