How to add a Custom Domain to Project level Measures display

Hi Guys,
I am developing a plugin that brings in some data into Sonarqube. I have brought in the data already, and I am trying to add to the UI at the project level (when i select a project and inside of the project level overview there is Reliability). Right Now I have created 5 Metrics that are all under the Reliability. I would like for those Metrics to be under my own custom Bucket. Is there anyway to do this in Sonarqube 7.9 LTS.
Thanks a lot for your time.


Have you tried just setting your custom domain as the domain? It looks like it’s just a string.


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Thanks so much I somehow didn’t realize I could just set the Domain to be any String, thought it had to be a specific system property!

There is also a convention to have it localized: