Minor display issue with custom measures

The OpenEdge plugin contributes some measures in SonarQube. When displaying the metrics associated to a file, the header of the box is prefixed with “metric_domain” (direct link, click on “Show measures” and “Show all measures”):

Measures displayed at the project don’t show this prefix:

The metrics are declared this way:

  public static final Metric<Integer> NUM_TABLES = new Metric.Builder("OEDB_NUM_TABLES", "DB tables",
      Metric.ValueType.INT) //
        .setDescription("Number of tables") //
        .setDirection(Metric.DIRECTION_NONE) //
        .setQualitative(false) //
        .setDomain(DOMAIN_OPENEDGE_DB) //

Is there a way to remove this prefix ?


I guess that’s a missing l10n key/value pair. Could you open an issue directly on the plugin?