How sonarqube extract xml file


I have installed the community version of sonarqube and sonar-scanner , and now I want to extracting the xml file to sonarqube for code coverage analysis and show the analysis on sonarqube, but I don’t know how

can you provide a solution for my problem?

thank you.


There are a number of guides about coverage in the community. They’re a good place to start.



thanks, I’ll try to read,
but I’ve read some references, but I can’t find how to extract the xml file from C language for code coverage in sonarqube

I mean I want to analyze sonarqube data using C language and previously I have compiled project c using lcov, while the results of compiling lcov are in html form, not in xml files
am i right?, please correct me if i am wrong

And now I want to do C code analysis by displaying code coverage


Hi Annisa,

C analysis starts in Developer Edition($). Regarding the lcov output, I really don’t know.