Sonarqube isnt giving codecoverage if vstestcoverage.xml is having mix ofcovered="yes" ,covered="no"

i am getting code coverage fine but iam not code coverage for those projects where code coverage xml has both covered=“yes” and covered=“no” though majority of sta

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>

It seems like you were cut off mid-thought :smiley:

can you explain indetail what is issue please?

iam generating code coverage file by running unit tests and converting it to generated code coverage to an xml file which contains data as below iam giving xml in zip (2.4 KB)
and passing xml to sonarqube and it works for multiple c# projects and i face code coverage as 0% if function contains atleast 1 covered=“no” and only it give full code coverage if all the functions in xml contains covered=“yes” how to fix such scenerio

I’m sorry, I really don’t understand the issue as you’re describing it. Maybe you can share relevant screenshots, excerpts from the coverage file, etc.

attached the xml files please review working and non-working screenshots (21.8 KB)

please review working and non-working screenshots (21.8 KB)

Something else must be going on that’s causing the two screenshots to show very different project sizes (3000 lines of code vs. 12,000 lines of code). I’d say there’s more work you need to do to investigate the difference between the two builds, and the coverage XML file differences may be a red herring.