Coverage show "-"

Hi All,

SonarQube shows “hyphen” and shows no coverage. (Screen shot attached)

  1. It contains xml, css, C# and HTML files.
  2. We have not excluded any files in prepare analysis on SonarQube.

Hey there.

You zoomed right past some important info in the template post, such as what SonarQube version you’re using.

Sorry its,
SonarVersion: sonarqube-enterprise-
JDK Version: 11.0.15
PostgreSQL: 12.11


:warning: Make sure you upgrade to SonarQube v9.9 LTS soon, not only to benefit from our Best LTS Ever™, but because soon we will systematically ask users to upgrade when they ask questions about earlier versions of SonarQube, which are now considered unsupported. :smiley:

Can you detail how your scan is configured? What CI are you using, and/or what commands are you executing to perform analysis?

Hi Colin

Sure we are planning to upgrade to 9.9.

Please find the screen shot of the pipeline. We need help in publishing the unit test case coverage result in SonarQube dashboard, we are seeing code coverage in Azure devops but not in SonarQube.


Can you show me the configuration of your Run Code Analysis step?

Hi Colin,

We have figured out the issue. Coverlet.msbuild and few other package reference were not added in the unit test code that was the reason for the error.

Thanks for checking on this issue. One more quick query. We are planning to upgrade the SonarQube version to 9.9, if you have any documents that we can follow for the upgrade requesting you to please share it with us.