Sonarqube code coverage shows 0% after running build

Must-share information (formatted with Markdown):

  • which versions are you using (SonarQube, Scanner, Plugin, and any relevant extension)
    Sonarqube version : 9.1
    Plugin : SonarQube Scanner
  • how is SonarQube deployed: zip, Docker, Helm : jenkins
  • what are you trying to achieve :
    I’m trying to get Code coverage to show in SonarQube project page. Currently it is reporting as 0% but my generated open cover.xml
  • what have you tried so far to achieve this

Problem: Jenkins job are successfully, we are getting the report with 0%.


Welcome to the community!

Your version is past EOL. You should upgrade to either the latest version or the current LTA (long-term active version) at your earliest convenience. Your upgrade path is:

9.1 → 9.9.4 → 10.5.1 (last step optional)

You may find these resources helpful:

If you have questions about upgrading, feel free to open a new thread for that here.

Once you’ve upgraded, the docs should get you started on coverage.


Hi G Ann Campbell,

  1. Present we are using License SonarQube 9.1 version. We are purchase the license for the 9.1 Developer Edition version. Which version i have to upgrade?.
  2. Do you know because of the 9.1 EOL version is the reason for this 0% code coverage issue.


Your answer is pretty much the same as the one given by a person I’m coming to realize is probably your colleague. Since my response to you would be the same as the one I gave them, I won’t bother to re-type it.

In future, please coordinate your efforts better so that we’re not providing the same answers to the same questions for the same people over and over again.