How integrate Sonar issue with Jira task?

May be its feature has been exists?

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This feature does not exist today and we are not planning on working on this as of today. Could you share more details around the use-case you have for this type of integration?

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My use-case is simple, i dont want to use many issue trackers in group developers. I think most dev companies use Jira as main issue tracker. Now developer must track two dashboad in Sonar and in Jira

Now developer must track two dashboad in Sonar and in Jira

… and this is why a lot of companies use Azure Devops, because it integrates all of those things in one. No need to go to GitHub for source control (and its cripplingly awful PR system), JIRA for work definition and tracking, and somewhere else each for testing and build, release, and deployment functions.

What you want is probably possible and on the surface sounds like it could be generally useful, but its probably even easier to just setup build breaking for the conditions you want to prevent and just fail the PR verification/CI build on the developer who is trying to add code smells and issues to the codebase that you dont want to have. Then they have to fix it and cant push it off, and you dont need to worry about using anyone’s API and synchronizing issues between systems, etc. (EDIT: Also, in AzDo, creating a workitem on build failure is a checkbox option)

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I think you complicate this task, because add webhook to Jira interface not look difficult task.

Also not all move infrastructure in Cloud Solutions)