If any necessary to intergrate an sonarqube to jira?

if any necessary to intergrate an sonarqube to jira?

What is main purpose of integrate sonarqube with jira?
if it is feasible , what is the main goal ?


I guess you’re posting this because your topic from 4 days ago didn’t get any replies.

I’ve closed that topic.

You did right to provide a little more context here on what you’re asking, but it would have been better to have edited your original post to include the expansion instead of creating a new topic.

In general, the more detail you can give on what you want to know and why you want to know it, the more likely you are to

a) get answers at all
b) get valuable, high-quality answers

It’s likely you got no response to your initial question because no one could figure out what you were asking.

I’ll attempt to answer what you’ve posted here in this thread:

  • It is not necessary to integrate SonarQube with Jira.
  • There’s really no good reason to integrate the two
  • If you did, the main goal would be to create Jira tickets that correlated to issues, but that would create a counterproductive flood of Jira tickets for issues that don’t need to be fixed now or maybe even ever, and for tickets that could be fixed in groups.


Really Thank You for your best explanation