How I can get notifications for deprecated rules ? Can I monitor or setup process where i can get deprecated rules notification through mails or any scheduling process

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Could someone please help me on this ?

Hi Siddharth,

Welcome to the community.

You can set up notifications in your personal account settings:

Account avatar (top right of screen) > My Account > Notifications

You should see a screen like this:

Hello @Peeter_Piegaze will this setting provide me a notification for deprecated rules

From our Quality Profiles documentation page:

[…] users with Quality Profile administration privileges are notified by email each time a built-in profile (one that is provided directly by an analyzer) is updated.

However, this feature has been removed from the product 2 years ago.

Currently it’s not possible to subscribe to notifications about deprecated rules, or any other quality profile changes. Note that we release new rules on a daily basis, so the notifications are likely to generate some noise.

Can you tell us more about your use case? Why would you like to get notified on such events? What do you plan to do with such notifications?

Hello @janos, Actually we are using Sonar cloud in big manner we have deployed over than 100 projects on Sonarcloud and we are using it frequently so as part of process to keep sonarcloud up-to-date most of the times we found deprecated rules notification on Sonarcloud dashboard so we are looking to automate or atleast to get notification of deprecated rules so accordingly we can plan and do this activity.

Hello @siddharth159 ,

Thank you for the details! Could you clarify in more depth what your usage of that information is?

  • To update your custom Quality Profile
  • To notify your developers about changed quality requirements
  • Something else?

Thank you in advance!