How does sonarsource output English content PDF

Problem Description:How does sonarsource output English content PDF??

Thank you!!

Hi @11137,

This is not very clear what you would like to achieve there.
Can you share more details ?
And which edition of SQ are you using ? (Community, Developer, Enterprise etc)


versions:SonarQube Community Edition版本 7.4


Hi @11137,

SonarQube offers PDF reports at Portfolio level, in the Enterprise and Data Center editions ($).
If you want to try one of these, you can go there and fill in the trial form.

Informations that are displayed in SQ are available via the API (in your SQ footer), if you want to extract them and build your own report.

And quick note: I would recommend you to upgrade to Community Edition 7.9 at least (last LTS) or 8.5 which is our current latest release.