How do I get the Certified Badge


(Thomas A. F. Thorne) #1

Looking in the list of possible Badges I can see there is a Certified badge which can be gained by completing the Interactive New User Tutorial. Is there any way for me to get this badge or did I miss my chance by clicking skip at some point in the past?

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(Michael Gumowski) #2


Check at your profile. After your first login, you should have received a private message from @discobot. If I remember correctly, it’s the start of a tutorial which grant you the badge once completed.


(Thomas A. F. Thorne) #4

I did not realise there was some kind of build in message system on this website! Thank you for pointing that out. I cannot see a normal way to access it but if I view my notifications I can scroll back in time to find the message from discobot.

(Thomas A. F. Thorne) #5

@discobot display help

Where do I say it? I get the feeling there is some message/chat interface that I am not aware of…

(Thomas A. F. Thorne) #7

Not only did I manage to get the badge I got a certificate too!

TafT's Certificate of Achivement

Thank you for your help @Michael

(Michael Gumowski) #8

Yep the inbox part of the forum is quite hidden. I had some trouble finding it myself to answer you, as I just remembered some interaction with a bot at the very beginning. It seems to me that there is no obvious concept of inbox to find in the UI as well.

I’m going to lock this thread in order to avoid people playing with the bot here, and remove the interactive messages from him we triggered.

(Michael Gumowski) #9