How configure webhook on SonarCloud to integrate with Github


(Wildomonges) #1

Hi Everyone!

I’m working on setting up SonarCloud to work with Github. I need to send the result of the analysis to my private repository on Github when some pull request is done.
I was trying to setup a webhook on SonarCloud/Administration/Webhooks page, adding the url of my github repository but looks like it is not working because I don’t see the result of the analysis on github. I can see that it is trying to delivery but if fails. I see the result of the analysis on SonarCloud but not in Github, I need it to block or allow merge pull requests to master.

I will appreciate the help!

(Xavier Bourguignon) #2


You can find the documentation on SonarCloud/Github integration here:

(Alvin Moore) #3

This is now an invalid link. Can you direct me to the documentation for the SonarCloud GitHub PR integration?


(Xavier Bourguignon) #4

Oups, sorry, I miss the final slash, here it is: