How can we obtain a monthly report using SonarCloud?


I need a monthly report analysis that includes the following information:
A report is created in SonarCloud to pull by date range a list of all the security vulnerabilities and hot spots reported on PRs. This should include:

The number of PRs raised
The number of times scans were run
The total count of bugs that have come up
The number of bugs that have been fixed
The remaining number of unresolved bugs
I require a comprehensive report and would like to know how I can generate it using Azure.


Hey there.

You won’t find anything like that in SonarCloud – and it sounds like quite a specific report. You might be able to use Web APIs to extract some of those figures (see this guide).

What’s the goal of this report? To prove the value of using SonarCloud? Something else? A lot of the measures you propose (number of bugs that have come up, remaining number of unresolved bugs) run counter to the Clean as You Code philosophy that drives how we think users should use SonarCloud.