Sonarcloud reporting?

I have a client, who is paying for the SonarCloud product. I’m supposed to produce monthly reports about what its finding and changes week by week.
I’ve had a really good look around in the web UI and I can’t seem to find anything that looks remotely like reporting. If I go in the ‘Projects’ I just get a list of projects with some numbers next to them, but nothing that looks like a good dashboard with overall statistics that I can filter etc. Even Snyk has reasonable dashboard and reports.
What am I missing? Its a core function of this kind of product and I feel like I must be blind. Could someone please help?


Welcome to the community!

SonarQube Enterprise Edition($$) offers reports, but SonarCloud does not. You’ll need to pull data using the Web API and craft your own reports.

The best way to master the API is to perform the desired action via the UI and eavesdrop to see which calls the UI made to accomplish the action.

You may also find this guide helpful.