How can I obtain Sonar Cloud's ISO27001 certificate and statement of applicability?

I am attempting to obtain Sonar Cloud’s ISO27001 certificate and statement of applicability from, as instructed on the Sonar Security and Compliance Center page. I am in an endless login loop that takes me to Whistic. The bot on that page does not give me the option to connect with a real person. Please advise.

Hey there.

Have you created an account on Whistic, or is the account creation itself not working (in a loop)?

I have an account. This is what I get after logging in (see image) If I click “Log in here”, it refreshes the page.

Thanks David. I just created a new account and can’t reproduce the issue.

Can you try again, and maybe also try a different browser?

Same issue in both Chrome and Edge

I’ve pinged internally to see if there’s any known issues / logging that can help us figure this out. Thanks for your patience.

Hey there.

I’m told this issue should be fixed now and you should be able to access the document without registering. Can you give it a go?